My drive to lead a purposeful life can be traced back to my childhood Passover seders, led by my father in Geneva, NY. When we got to the part in the Haggadah about slaves and oppression, he would launch into whatever injustice was in the news at that time. It was my introduction to social responsibility and the importance of taking action wherever possible. Talking about it wasn’t enough.

I was an activist through my 20s and abandoned picket lines when my professional life became demanding. I later joined a synagogue, primarily to become part of a Jewish community, and got involved in the social action committee with intermittent participation—a trajectory familiar, in part, to many Engage volunteers.

Currently, I am the Engage community organizer in Brooklyn. And this is the best time ever. I work with great volunteers—people willing to do service and who find the time to do it. There is also much to gain from the example set by the staff at our partner organizations.

I am grateful to have the experience of working with the Engage community and I look forward to creating more rewarding volunteer opportunities with you in the coming year. We can all benefit so much from the giving back.


This article was originally published in the fall 2015 Engage Connect printed newsletter.