CONNECT TO...The Ideal "Secret Sauce"

Last March I wrote about an upcoming City Harvest information session for Engage. I have always been an advocate for educating people of all ages on the importance of making healthy choices about the foods they eat. A few weeks later, when I attended the presentation by City Harvest’s Maria King about the organization’s Nutrition Education Project, I realized I had the opportunity to do just that. 

l registered for City Harvest’s nutrition education training classes, where I  learned how to teach others to have a healthy lifestyle. Since then, I have been fortunate to teach young and old alike, from aspiring young chefs to seniors who live in communities where is little or no opportunity to learn about healthy lifestyles.

 I have taught groups in the Bronx and Bedford Stuyvesant. Each course is an opportunity to meet new people and help them understand how to improve their diets and lead healthier lives. At the same time, I receive something in return, whether it is the satisfaction of seeing how much a student remembers from the previous lesson or a recipe for a family’s secret sauce.  

Through its partnership with City Harvest, Engage introduced me to a volunteer opportunity where the interaction with students is as energizing as it is enjoyable—in other words, the perfect  “secret sauce.”