Connect to...Sukkot

On Sunday, October 12th, the Engage community of volunteers celebrated Sukkot in the rooftop sukkah at JCC Manhattan. It was a very special occasion; coming together to celebrate Sukkot, welcome new volunteers, join Engage teams, and discuss why being an Engage member is so meaningful. We enjoyed a presentation led by Rabbi Brian Fink, Director of Engage, who provided an informative overview of the Engage program. He also discussed how the fragility of the sukkah reminds us of the members of our society who live in a fragile state, and that we can try to do what we can to make a difference in their lives. Several others spoke about how Engage has grown and what it means to them:

Marcia Colvin from UJA discussed how Engage has expanded in the last year and is newly launched in Brooklyn under Susan Kranberg’s leadership. She also provided some very impressive and exciting statistics: Engage now has 469 volunteers who have provided 5,000 hours of service to 58 agencies. Wow!

Stu Lahn and Annette Weiss, both Engage volunteer team leaders, expressed what is meaningful to them as Engage volunteers. For Stu, it is that the work is always fulfilling and fun. Annette shared that for it is a desire to have a sense of community, use her professional skills, have fun, and “put a smile on smile on people’s faces.”

As we partied in the sukkah, which originally surrounded and protected the fleeing Israelites, I felt so honored to be a part of a team that joins together to surround and protect those in need in our Jewish community. Consider joining one of our teams if you have not done so already–contact Rabbi Fink at to let him know your interest area. Please also review the Engage program listings on the JCC website to see what's upcoming in which you can participate.