Mimi Lox is a busy woman. She epitomizes the notion that retiring doesn’t mean being inactive. Mimi retired from her role as a social worker in 2010. While looking for a “new adventure,” she discovered Engage. Engage was in its early stages and Mimi realized there was an opportunity to help build up this blossoming community and a budding corps of volunteers. Mimi appreciates that Engage addresses all the important issues, supporting those in need through partnership programs with agencies like DOROT, Citymeals-on-Wheels, and Met Council on Jewish Poverty. Rabbi Brian Fink invited Mimi to become a member of the Engage leadership team and the rest, as they say, is history.

Speaking of Met Council, through her active participation with Engage, Mimi became involved on a regular basis. Founded in the early 70s, the agency provides comprehensive social services dedicated to aiding, sustaining, and empowering New Yorkers in need. With her impressive background in social work, Mimi takes an active role supporting residents’ needs each week and helps build new programs. She recently headed up a successful client outreach program event with support from Engage volunteers. 

I asked Mimi what she finds most gratifying about her work with Engage and Met Council. “The people,” she said. She enjoys getting to know them, listening to their stories, and of course, the rewards of helping those in need. Mimi also finds it very satisfying working with Brian and Engage volunteer leaders on issues that are important to her, as well as addressing the challenges in expanding the leadership base and an active volunteer community.

With all this time helping others, does Mimi Lox have any "her" time? Indeed–Mimi enjoys her dance classes, Hebrew studies, learning with her rabbis, being active in her synagogue, attending films, and playing Mah Jongg…just to name a few.

After having the pleasure of getting to know Mimi a little better, one word comes to mind: dedicated.