Connect to...The Luck of the Draw

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Call it kismet. Fred Endelman walks down West 76th Street from his home every day. On this particular morning, he was thinking about an appropriate project for the newly minted Engage Men’s Group to take on to support a need in the local community. As he passed by Club 76, a senior center that serves the Upper West Side community, Fred thought, “Why don’t I go in and see if they need some help?”

It was a lucky day for JASA Club 76 and the Engage Men’s Group. In speaking with the center director, Phyllis Roth, Fred discovered that operating funds were extremely low and future funding for next year is uncertain. Phyllis explained that the center generally runs semi-annual fundraisers, but this year the resources were insufficient to do so. She hoped that the men’s group could take on a fundraiser. At first, Fred was a little concerned about the men’s group capacity to raise the funds.

Fred need not have worried. When he brought the idea to the group, they immediately raised $600 amongst themselves. Along with co-chair Sheldon Taback, the group decided to hold a fundraiser at GreenFlea Market on Sunday, April 27th. In addition to items for sale, they would canvas the business community for items to raffle off. The group was certain that they could raise significant dollars for Club 76. With the help of members like Ron Cohen, Stu Lahn, and Len Weiss, who canvassed local businesses to donate gift certificates, and with David Isaak who designed flyers and posters, the group was off and running.

In addition to the articles for sale at the flea market, items were raffled off at the Engage booths at intervals throughout the day. Thanks to the assistance of Dan Rutberg, Senior Director of Technology at the JCC, one of the grand prizes raffled off was a three month membership to the JCC. All told, with the help of many Engage members who served shifts at the flea market, the men raised over $1,600.

It’s not too late for you to contribute to Club 76. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, send your check to, JASA Club 76, 120 West 76th Street, New York, NY, 10023, attention Phyllis Roth.

Clearly, JASA Club 76 held the winning ticket for this event. The men’s group could not have done it without the generous contributions of the Upper West Side business community and the larger Engage Volunteer Corps who provided items for sale and took turns manning the booth.