Gita Weinrauch Kaufman discovered a packet of family letters written to her parents by relatives stranded in Europe in the years leading up to World War II, stacked in a drawer in their apartment. The voices from those letters come hauntingly to life through Kaufman's narrative captured in Shadows From My Past, the documentary she created with her husband, Curt. The film includes interviews with prominent figures such as Kurt Waldheim, Ronald Lauder, and Simon Wiesenthal.

The film was showcased at the Engage Women’s Group program in January, which was attended by over 40 participants. A lively talkback with Ms. Kaufman led to a group discussion that focused on the relevancy of the of the past in light of today’s current events.  

The program was one example of how the Engage Women's Group engages its members. If you want to learn about other upcoming events and opportunities, read the article by Rena Solomon about what is coming in the near future.