Connect to...Opportunities


On Monday, September 8, Engage held the first orientation meeting of the new 2014-2015 season, designed to familiarize new and potential volunteers with the various programs planned for the upcoming year. After a brief introduction by Rabbi Brian Fink, three members of the leadership team presented what’s in store:

  • Lola Greene, communications team leader, summarized Engage’s overall mission–to serve three needy population groups: the poor, the elderly, and those with special needs–and described the reasons why people should join Engage.

  • Margie Stern, relationship manager, talked about the application process, emphasizing flexibility in matching volunteers to projects where they would be best suited and would enjoy the most.

  • Mimi Lox detailed specific programs, including ongoing, (like Dorot package delivery and homebound visitations), and one-time events, (like the holiday baking events and parties).

If you missed this meeting and are still interested in participating with Engage, don’t worry, these orientation sessions will be held on a monthly basis. The next Learn About Engage session is on Monday, October 6, at 6 pm in the Beit Midrash on the 7th floor. In addition, the Engage Fall Event in the Sukkah will be on Sunday, October 12, at 2 pm. There will be food, drink, and lots of lively discussion, as well as more details about specific Engage programs. We hope to see you there!