Brooklyn Engage volunteer Doris Klueger had been enjoying a well-deserved retirement filled with both travel and relaxation. But for some people, that is just not enough. Two years ago, Brooklyn Engage was just getting off the ground and Doris heard about the program at her temple. And so Doris signed up with Engage, took on a leadership role, and is now busy with a variety of volunteer activities. She enjoys meeting like-minded people and, together with them, helping others in the community. Among other activities, she has been involved in voter registration efforts, volunteering with Met Council to deliver social services to low-income Brooklynites, and helping out at local senior centers.

Most recently, Doris joined a group of Engage volunteers who went to the Boro Park Y to cook and prepare an elaborate and nutritious lunch of salmon, vegetables, and fruit for approximately 100 seniors.

Doris has fond memories of attending programs at the Y in her youth, and now she enjoys being the one in charge—doing the planning and organizing and giving back. The Y itself has also changed over the years. Nowadays, this Y serves the ultra-Orthodox community in Boro Park, Brooklyn. At the lunch, the volunteers felt a sense of joy and appreciation coming from the seniors and the staff.  Even though most of the seniors were from the religious Boro Park community, they expressed openness and interest in meeting a wide range of Jews. How inspiring…maybe the way to one’s heart is really through the stomach!