The end of summer signals fall’s beginning and the promise of new experiences. Schools reopen and the city streets bustle with traffic as city dwellers return from the beach and beyond. Friendships are rekindled, and Jews everywhere look forward to welcoming a new year. Throughout the JCC, new programs will begin, and for the Engage community, there are many opportunities to share new experiences and revisit those we have enjoyed in the past. I hope you will join us at these free upcoming events:

Apples and Honey Tasting
Wed, Sep 9, 7-9 pm

One of the signature traditions to welcome the Jewish New Year, dipping apples in honey brings the promise of a sweet year to come for Jews of all ages. For the first time, the Engage community is invited to share in this much-loved custom together. Rabbi Brian Fink will choose a variety of apples and honey for Engage participants to enjoy as we catch up and look ahead to the important volunteer work in which we can participate in the coming year. “Engage volunteers have done such important work in the past year, and this evening will be the first of many events where they enjoy each other’s company and think about volunteer opportunities in the year ahead,” said Rabbi Fink. 

Please register here or call 646.505.5708.

Fall Event in the Sukkah
Sun, Oct 4, 2-3:30 pm

Look for more information coming your way about the third annual fall event in the sukkah on the rooftop at JCC Manhattan.  This event was so successful last year, and many who attended are looking forward to returning this Sukkot and celebrating the occasion. It is a time for the Engage community to get together, welcome new members, and reflect on the good fortune we all share in being able to help those in need.

The holiday of Sukkot reminds us of the time when the Jews lived in the Sinai desert after escaping from slavery in Egypt. The sukkot, their fragile dwellings, protected them on their journey, enabling them to take refuge from the dangers around them. The sukkah reminds us of our people's survival, as well as our responsibility to assist and provide refuge to the most vulnerable members of our community today. This year, through spending time in the sukkah with other members of the Engage community, we will learn how we made a difference for others during the past year, and listen to highlights of the year ahead.

Please register here or call 646.505.5708.